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As a former middle-level teacher of educational technology, I was excited by the great sites that emerged as a byproduct of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial.  The following are my personal favorites. I hope they will be of use to some of the educators who used to link to Lewisandclark200.org.

Key Websites:
  • Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

  • Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail

  • The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Online Project makes available the text of Gary E. Moulton's edition of the Lewis and Clark journals.
Online websites that provide direct learning activities:
  • National Geographic (KIDS): Lewis & Clark is loaded with interactive activities.

  • A PBS website was developed in conjunction with the Ken Burns film "Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery."

  • The Smithsonian offers excellent online resources at Lewis & Clark: Mapping the West. Lesson plans are also included.

  • The Missouri Historical Society's Lewis & Clark: The National Bicentennial Exhibition follows the Corps of Discovery from the banks of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers through the human geography of western North America.  A section For Educators contains lesson plans and an introduction to using primary sources.

  • Follow in the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark , developed by the Sierra Club, emphasizes natural resources and the journals of Lewis and Clark.

  • The Ft. Mandan Foundation's Discovering Lewis and Clark provides hundreds of interactive illustrations, color photos, and historic art, with in-depth text by today's leading Lewis and Clark scholars.

  • Based on an exhibition originally mounted at the Newberry Library, Lewis and Clark and the Indian Country:
    200 Years of American History explores how two histories, that of the United States and that of Indian peoples along the expedition route, came together two hundred years ago and how they remain intertwined today.

  • The Regional Learning Project at University of Montana in Missoula is producing trailtribes.org.  It is described as "history with a tribal perspective, along trails followed by Lewis & Clark."

L&C Curriculum Guides:
  • The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc. offers a comprehensive curriculum and resource guide entitled, An American Legacy: The Lewis and Clark Expedition. Price $40 includes shipping of this DVD.

  • The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (the Arch in St. Lewis) offers LESSONS AND ACTIVITIES FOR PRE-K THROUGH SEVENTH GRADE. The lessons are part of the larger resources section titled "The Lewis and Clark Journey of Discovery."

  • My chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Mouth of the Platter helped produce and supports Lewis & Clark - Voyage of Discovery. This Newspapers in Education curriculum is a free download in .pdf format.


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